What is the first stage in making a carpet ?

Feel free to email and call to talk about your ideas. We can then discuss the best way forward for the development of your personal design sketch.

We then get your carpet idea up to a stage where it will be put into a design sketch to scale with your chosen colour palette.

We can meet up to choose your colours from my wool selection. Also you can choose your pile weight (how deep the carpet will be) from my samples.


After the Design Sketch has been approved ? 

From there we can make a sample – This normally takes a week from the sketch being approved.

The sample is a square section of carpet to scale which will show most of the colours to give you a clearer idea of what the finished carpet will look like.

Samples cost $500 to make. This price is then DEDUCTED from the final cost of the carpet. This can only be done for the first sample, subsequent samples will be charged at $500.


After the Sample has been approved ? 

If the sample is ok you can then place your order with full payment.

From this it will then take approx 4 – 6 weeks to receive final carpet.


How are carpets priced ? 

barefootcarpets are priced on wool depth, and size. This will vary if you have a lot of different colours in the design. We can give you a clearer quote when we see what your carpet looks like.

Below is the approx price list

100% New Zealand Wool  
Quality Price(HKD/Sq.M)
  72 oz/sq.yd


  88 oz/sq.yd


104 oz/sq.yd


120 oz/sq.yd


136 oz/sq.yd








How much is delivery of the finished carpets ?

Carpet deliveries are $400. This is added to the final cost of the carpet.

The delivery price is the same whether you get 1 or lots of carpets, as long as

they are all going to the same place at the same time.


We recommend NewZealand wool. Production and Quality Control ?

barefootcarpets are available in various types of yarns, patterns and designs.

Our suppliers guarantee their products which are using 100% New Zealand wool which is purchased directly from Summit Wool Spinner Limited. (New Zealand’s largest independent spinner).

Our suppliers are also members of Wools Of New Zealand which is a premium brand which identify that their members meet the demanding quality standards and fibre content requirements.


Community and Environmental Issues ? 

Our suppliers are not only concerned about employee safety but also environmental protection.

They always reduce their wastage and recycle most packing materials in manufacturing processes.

Dyeing is one of the important processes in manufacturing carpets. The dye chemical used in the production of barefootcarpets is supplied by Clariant International Limited.

The chemical does not contain any toxic materials.

During the dyeing process, the used water is filtrated to meet International standards before released into environment.